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"Its easier to build strong children than repair broken adults"

Through consultation with our community they identified that the driver for them for being involved in such a project was to prevent a cycle of deprivation and stop their children and future generations facing the same barriers and disadvantage which had led them to criminal activity. Therefore, they are keen to support and promote grass root organisations which do just this


​Our direct delivery through our experienced facilitators includes;

  1. Delivery of a prevention of crime course to young people

  2. Provide Mentoring opportunities for rehabilitated ex-offenders and facilitating the mentoring of young people at risk of involvement in crime

  3. Link young people with volunteering opportunities to raise social capital and promote positive activity

  4. Linking with local organisations to deliver events promoting good practice and social wellbeing involving members of the local community

  5. Fundraising –  fundraising events – Market and deliver fundraising events for offenders and young people

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