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A Little Something Back is a small charity and donations help to keep our services running.

A Little donation goes a long way 

A donation of £5 could provide refreshments to 10 young people at one of our sessions  

A donation of £10 a month could fund a social media campaign to reach out to more youth  organisations needing prevention support 

A donation of £50 could fund a warm meal for 20 young people at one of our sessions 

A donation of £150 could co facilitate delivery of a consequences of crime session to 20 young people 

A £300 donation could fund towards advice, support  and education for 40 young people at the risk of offending 

Charity Volunteers

Bank Transfer
Make a one off payment, or a standing order ?

 A Little Something Back CIO R/C 1190190

Account Number:  03161658

Sort Code:              08-71-99

We also accept cheques made payable to

A Little Something Back CIO.


Just giving facility to donate  coming soon 

Helping Hands
Back of a group of volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities 

A Little Something Back is seeking to recruit volunteers for a range of roles. Please contact us if you wish to offer your support .

We are also seeking lived experience Guest Speakers -

Please email us directly if you are interested in this role.

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